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Until now, I haven’t get a job. Why?

This question may always be in job seeker’s mind who have graduated or are long-term unemployed. You might have met the qualifications of candidates criteria but why not get a test or a job interview?

This can occur because of misunderstanding or lack of information between applicants and companies.

1. Find Out Company’s Information.
Some people frequent applying for job at a company that no vacancies yet, although there are some company storing the application that received. However, before you apply to company, find out there are vacancies or not. There for, the better chances of your cover letter red by HRD

2. Decribe Yourself with Good and Fit.
Some people often can not explain himself well during a job interview in person(face to face or via phone). You should explain yourself well by a cover letter that will be sent, this is how to get a good first impression. If the company doing job interviews by phone, make sure you speaking in good ethic by phone. Speak clearly and correctly, get away from all the noise around you. If the interviewer can not get your full attention, he/she can assume that you are out of focus person. Before youdo a written test or interview, better if you find out in advance how the assessment,, how long will it takes and how about the question’s test.

3. Apply for Work Based Capabilities
Some people applying for jobs that do not match with their capabilities or field. If you are one of that person, you should avoid to apply to the company and ask for an employment position clearly.. It will only waste your time. Prioritize to apply to a company that matches your skills and areas controlled.

4. Need for Different Skills
Special and different skills are generally required at several companies as an additional value. In addition, you need a more relevant job skills for the company. Also make sure your computer education and experience highlighted on your application and become company’s consideration.

5. Recheck
Before you send CV and cover letter, recheck all your resume data in detail.

(Source : Wolipop)